[ODE] Irrlicht or OgreODE?

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Sat Sep 8 07:32:14 MST 2007

Hello once more!

I'm currently reading through the pages of irrlicht and ogre (and 
crystal space) to find out
which one to choose. I found examples for both, but they are both not 
really up-to-date.
In the OgreODE-forum is a very actual post saying, that the wrapper is 
not really supported

So: Does any of you use one of those two possibilites and knows about 
the support?
I don't really want to start learning the new environment and then being 
with a lack of answers to my sure-to-come questions. Also if somebody 
has tested
both possibilites and has a simple answer to the quesion: "which way is 
easier to
just graphically enhance an existing ODE-simulation?" I would really 
appreciate it
to read that answer!

some regards and best wishes to all of you,

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