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Thank you very much for the clear explanation.
I have appended this text to the README


On 9/6/07, Jon Watte <hplus at mindcontrol.org> wrote:
> All contributions are copyright by their owners, but the owners
> automatically transfer unrestricted rights in those changes to the ODE
> project, which is released under the dual licenses as indicated. The
> owners can also use the contributions in other projects under other
> licenses if they want (including sell them), but they can't prevent
> anyone from releasing the contributions under the dual ODE licenses as
> part of an ODE release.
> That might not be spelled out in detail, but that's how Open Source
> works in general. We should probably write it out explicitly on the home
> page and SourceForge, though...
> Cheers,
>           / h+
> Bram Stolk wrote:
> > I think this is a technicality.
> > I changed the date to 2007 in the svn repo.
> > If someone thinks this is not appropriate, let me know.
> > License stuff can get messy sometimes, and I found that it is best not
> > to be too pedantic about it.
> > I am not sure what is common practice here: are all contributions
> > automatically copyright transfered to Russ?
> >
> >   Bram
> >
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