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Tue Sep 4 08:45:13 MST 2007


You could just use dBodyAddForce and dBodyAddTorque to accelerate the body in 
the direction of the mouse cursor and also keep it straight. The later you 
can do by checking the pose of the body with dBodyGetRotation. You will get a 
4x3 Matrix, where you only need the 3x3 part. It is the Transformation matrix 
for converting local body coordinates into global coordinates.  (actually 
just the rotation not the translation, but you don't need the translation 


On Tuesday 04 September 2007 15:03, Lucius Crenshaw wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm still in need of some serious help on model my rolling "coin".
> What I want is this:
> 1.) A "coin" /cylinder standing on its side.
> 2.) Some kind of motor making it roll.
> 3.) Be able to control the direction its rolling in. (the rotation around
> the global up-axis)
> 4.) It must not fall on it side, it have to be standing all the time.
> 1 and 2 isn't really a problem but 3 and 4 is.
> This is viewed form a top-down perspective and the coin is supposed to
> always roll towards the mouse pointer.
> How can an object like this be modelled in ode?
> Is there a joint like the hinge2 that can be attached to only one object?
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