[ODE] Ode modelling

Lucius Crenshaw acidfloppy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 06:03:58 MST 2007

I'm still in need of some serious help on model my rolling "coin".

What I want is this:
1.) A "coin" /cylinder standing on its side.
2.) Some kind of motor making it roll.
3.) Be able to control the direction its rolling in. (the rotation around
the global up-axis)
4.) It must not fall on it side, it have to be standing all the time.

1 and 2 isn't really a problem but 3 and 4 is.
This is viewed form a top-down perspective and the coin is supposed to
always roll towards the mouse pointer.

How can an object like this be modelled in ode?

Is there a joint like the hinge2 that can be attached to only one object?
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