[ODE] Quick ODE question from an ODE newbie.

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Mon Sep 3 03:52:13 MST 2007

Hello fellow ODE users,
     I have a quick ODE question from an ODE newbie.  I could sort for hours through the code possibly and find the answers to these but in truth there may be things I missed or overlooked due to internal workings and this is critical.
     Question)  In theory I am thinking in my engine design of using safe pointers for ODE bodies/geoms/joints etc. except rather than delete them I would destroy the related type.  
     I need to know if there is a value for ids (bodies/geoms/joints/worlds etc.) that will never be taken (likely 0 if there is one) such that the conditional for destruction will properly "safe destroy". 

Thank you,
Jeremy (grill8)
A.S. Real Time Interactive Simulation 
[Video Game Computer Science]
DigiPen Institute of Technology

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