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Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Sun Sep 2 20:45:15 MST 2007


I only have experience with ODE, so I can't give you advice on which engine
will be most effective for you. (Maybe someone else on the list can.) You
said that your instructor doesn't have experience with ODE. Does he have
experience with Newton? If so, then I think you should choose Newton. Also,
I don't think you should choose another engine (such as Irrlicht) without
seeking your instructor's advice about it first. If you run into problems
later on, it will be a lot better for you if your instructor was part of the
decision about which engine to use.

You said that you want the rover to behave as though it is real. I think
that ODE doesn't claim to be highly accurate, just believable. The Newton
web site seems to claim that Newton is highly accurate. Perhaps that helps
you make your decision. Again, I can't comment on the truth of these claims.
If there's someone on this mailing list with Newton experience, I hope they
will comment.

Good luck!


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Hi there

Thanks for your informing reply. I don't know what would be easier for me
wheter to use Newton,ODE or that game engine you recommended me. My
supervisor recommended me to choose between Newton and ODE but I doubt he
knows about that game engine you mentioned. In your opinion, what do you
think it would be easier to use to simulate martian rover? I strictly want
that rover to behave like it was real. My supervisor cannot give me any
support with ODE as he does not know how to use it and I would appretiate
something (engine) that have many usefull tutorials so I can learn quickly.
ODE does not have many to be honest.

Any help very much appreciated Dave

Martin ;-)

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