[ODE] Quick ODE question (please please help me).

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Sep 2 11:07:41 MST 2007

The reason you haven't gotten an answer is likely because you show no 
ability to help yourself. You haven't told us what you've tried already.

You can read the code for each of the joints in the ODE source code. 
Look in the file "Joint.cpp." If you want to know about flag X, then do 
a "find" (or "find in all files") for X. Or, if you using Cygwin, MacOS 
X or Linux, do a "grep -r".


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Jeremy Roberts wrote:
> Please please help with this!  I have sent several messages and nobody 
> has responded. 
> I am new to ODE and need a list of all params that could possibly be 
> set for the following:
> 1) Ball joint
> 2) Slider joint
> 3) AMotorJoint
> The documentation is vary vague and simply says if a param is not used 
> by the joint setting it will have no affect. 
> I need to know exactly which params are valid for those joints so I 
> can properly design my classes.
> For example:
> "For Ball joint, param is one of ParamLoStop, ParamHiStop, ParamVel, 
> ParamFMax, ParamFudgeFactor, ParamBounce, ParamCFM, ParamStopERP, 
> ParamStopCFM, ParamSuspensionERP, ParamSuspensionCFM.  These parameter 
> names can be optionally followed by a digit (2 or 3) to indicate the 
> second or third set of parameters."
> Thank you so so much.
> Jeremy
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