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Bram Stolk b.stolk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 23:14:28 MST 2007

If c++ is too daunting for you, you could take a look at PyOde.
Python is friendlier than C++

Also, ODE's API is more C than C++.
It's pretty much a procedural interface, but in PyODE you get body,
geom, joint classes as opposed to passing around all those ID's that
you do in the C api.


On 9/1/07, mpeniak <mpeniak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I am new to ODE and to programming in C++ too. I have done Delphi and Java
> before and learn new thing quite quickly but I am struggling with learning
> ODE.
> I am last year student of computing and would like to use ODE in my final
> year project. To keep it short, the project will simulate martian rover
> (similar to MSL rover) ,which is equipped with artificial intelligence,
> exploring terrain and finding the best bath so it can get were it was to do
> go (similar to spirit and opportunity rovers). I would like to use ODE to
> give the rover real behaviour in particular terrain. I have tried something
> in ODE before but it seemed to me that I need to learn more basic stuff
> first.
> Could you guys recommend me what I need to start learning first so I can
> start using ODE later please? Any help very much appreciated.
> Regards
> Martin Peniak
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