[ODE] Quick ODE question (please please help me).

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Sat Sep 1 21:36:42 MST 2007

Please please help with this!  I have sent several messages and nobody has responded.  

I am new to ODE and need a list of all params that could possibly be set for the following:

1) Ball joint
2) Slider joint
3) AMotorJoint

The documentation is vary vague and simply says if a param is not used by the joint setting it will have no affect.  

I need to know exactly which params are valid for those joints so I can properly design my classes.

For example:
"For Ball joint, param is one of ParamLoStop, ParamHiStop, ParamVel, ParamFMax, ParamFudgeFactor, ParamBounce, ParamCFM, ParamStopERP, ParamStopCFM, ParamSuspensionERP, ParamSuspensionCFM.  These parameter names can be optionally followed by a digit (2 or 3) to indicate the second or third set of parameters."

Thank you so so much.

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