[ODE] how to stopbody enabling by joint

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Tue Oct 30 12:30:29 MST 2007

Krystian Ligenza wrote:
> Mark Williams pisze:
>> Mark Williams wrote:
>>> Krystian Ligenza wrote:
>>>> Mark Williams pisze:
>>>>>> Krystian Ligenza wrote:
>>>>>>> I have look more in mailing list archive, and see that this 
>>>>>>> topic was many times discussed. Main problem is how to set that 
>>>>>>> joint should only affect  one body and other  left  unforced.  
>>>>>>> Maybe we should think about adding flag for this, by adding 
>>>>>>> dJointSetXXXParam with dParamAffectBoth, dParamAffectFirst, 
>>>>>>> dParamAffectSecond? If joint can link with world, this should 
>>>>>>> not be impossible to do - correct me if I'm wrong?          
>>>>>> Why wouldn't you just create the joint attached to the affected 
>>>>>> body and the world (NULL), then? I do that for collisions in 
>>>>>> certain cases, for example.
>>>>> If you attach a joint to a null-body, then the joint considers 
>>>>> that body to have zero velocity. This is a potential source of 
>>>>> error when colliding against non-simulated yet animated geoms. I 
>>>>> think Krystian's patch has a great deal of value.
>>>> Hope that you are talking about "void dJointSetFixedBodies 
>>>> (dJointID j,const dVector3 p1,const
>>>> dQuaternion q1,const dVector3 p2,const dQuaternion q2)" function 
>>>> that I proposed for adding, becouse I haven't add what I was 
>>>> talking about in this mail (about dJointSetXXXParam ). I have 
>>>> thought, that only thing that is need to be change for all joints 
>>>> is XXXGetInfo2(...), but It seems that all step functions also 
>>>> check if joint is attached to Body and World, so this become too 
>>>> time consume for me to make it good. Also joint can be attached to 
>>>> World - Body, or Body - World, but internally it is always 
>>>> Body-World, so making a param that hide one of Bodies as World 
>>>> would be a tricky part.        

I may be wrong but it seems that by adjusting the variables b1 and b2 on 
lines 709 and 710 in quickstep.cpp might be enough to get things going?


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