[ODE] Best way to achieve this effect

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Mon Oct 29 05:45:17 MST 2007


> Hi,
> Yes I'm aware that constraints can be set to have a springiness to them 
> using the ERP (?CFM) parameters.
> I did read your entire message, and the method you outlined is not what 
> I'm looking for, I don't want the
> skateboards trucks to turn simply by a motor or outside force, because 
> this is not how a real skateboard
> works. I want to be able to place a body on the deck and when I shift 
> that body the deck should
> tilt causing the trucks to turn.In order to do this some kind of joint 
> is necessary between the deck and
> the truck in order to cause the deck tilt motion to cause the truck turn 
> motion.
>  But i'm not sure what that should be.
> I also thought perhaps a single "link" body with a ball joint connecting 
> to the truck and another
> ball joint connected to the deck??? I don't know if this would work 
> correctly because I would still need
> to make the hinge joint stiff (so that the truck needs alot of force in 
> order to actually rotate)  and I'm not
> sure how to do this
> -Salik

Did your try and Hinge2.

You can try with an Hinge between the deck and the truck and another 
hinge between the truck and the wheels
for the front and the back

The first Hinge should have and angle different than 90deg   w.r.t the deck
Back                                               Front
    \                                                        /
      \                                                    /

with this the deck should lean when you shift the wheight on the deck.
The fun part will be to adjust the parameter of the hinge.


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