[ODE] Compiling only ODE and not drawstuff

Samuli Riihonen samuli at riihonen.net
Sat Oct 27 13:40:08 MST 2007


I'd suggest you run configure as usual and just run make in ode/src
This gives you libode.a.
You'll have to install headers and the library manually though.

I'll be upgrading to Leopard next week and could have a look at  
drawstuff to make it compile again. Drawstuff for OS X has been using  
some deprecated APIs which may now have been removed from Leopard.

- Samuli

On 27.10.2007, at 22.49, Tyler Cole wrote:

> I'm trying to compile ODE on OS X 10.5 Leopard and it throws up during
> drawstuff compilation. I don't need drawstuff since my goal is to be
> able to use PyODE, which doesn't need drawstuff. What do I need to
> change/do in order to compile only ODE? Or, how can I manually compile
> ODE and turn it into a library I can stick somewhere?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is for my senior
> project and I would LOVE to be able to develop it on my MacBook.
> Thanks in advance!
> Tyler
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