[ODE] Objects disappearing and bNormalizationResult assert

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Sat Oct 27 10:23:19 MST 2007


I am trying to use ODE in a 2D simulation. So far I have an area bounded by 4 static geometry boxes around the borders of the window. I can successfully spawn spheres in the area and they are simulated correctly. However when I spawn some boxes, all objects disappear from the simulation area. It happens after a few seconds since the boxes were spawned. And if I spawn some more objects, they react to the same positions the disappeared objects were at, as if the objects would have gone invisible, but they would be at the same position, and not long after the new objects also disappear. After waiting for some longer time and spawning some new objects, they don't react to the previous positions of the disappeared objects. The dBodyGetPosition(body_id) function returns a position which is way out of my simulation area. This is the first time I'm using ODE, so I don't really know where and what could be wrong in my simulation.

Also I used to get bNormalizationAssert in function _dNormalize4(dVector4 a) when a box in my simulation rests on the static geometry at the bottom of the screen. I don't know what's exactly causing it, so I built ODE with the assertion line commented. Though I don't get that assertion when a sphere rests at the bottom. I haven't tested with any other shapes.

If in order to help me you need to know any of the data from my simulation, like what dimmensions are my objects and how much they weigh, I will provide it.

I'm using ODE version 0.9.

Thank you,
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