[ODE] Best way to achieve this effect

Salik Syed ssyed at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 26 13:59:59 MST 2007

So I've worked some more on the skateboard model,
I have the trucks and wheels modeled and attached, and it works pretty well.
(trucks are the metal axles that attach the wheel to the deck, when the 
deck is tilted by rider weight the trucks turn in opposing directions 
making the skateboard follow an arc)

The truck is attached to the deck using a hinge2joint (so the deck can 
tilt and the truck can turn)

Now what I want is that when the deck tilts left and right the trucks turn
I don't want the trucks to free spin easily...Right now the deck tilts
back and forth very easily and the trucks spin around on their axis very 

What I would like is that the trucks are very hard to spin and only turn 
a significant force is applied on one  side of the duck to make them turn.
What is the best way to achieve this effect?  Sort of like a spring that 
stretches every time the
deck tilts or the trucks turn, so that a signifcant force is necessary 
for either to happen.



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