[ODE] ODE Physics Benchmark Setup

Bill Sellers wis at mac.com
Fri Oct 26 03:03:04 MST 2007

That's interesting. My tests with QuickStep showed it to be  
noticeably less accurate than WorldStep but I didn't know that you  
could play around with the number of iterations. Any suggestions what  
values to try?


On 26 Oct 2007, at 10:30, cris at cris.hspace.name wrote:

> Hi,
> first of all, I think you shouldn't use the WorldStep. It's
> the old "big matrix" solver, and this could explain why in
> some of the tests the performance drop dramaticaly down!
> (e.g. the stack test...). I believe that all the other
> engines use some sort of "iterative" solver.
> Secondly, for my experience the "best" setup is really hard
> to be defined... it depends on many factors of the scene, of
> course, but using the "QuickStep" (iterative solver) you
> will notice difference in accuracy/performance playing
> around with the number of iterations.
> Cristian
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