[ODE] How to model a skateboard?

Salik Syed ssyed at stanford.edu
Thu Oct 25 21:16:45 MST 2007

Thanks for the answer,
The problem is that using the wheel joints causes my system to explode, 
there are lots of times when the skateboard is off the ground and in 
free fall, so
instead I am modelling it as a box... however I want to be able to set 
the boxes
trajectory using this simple formula
change in angle of board = velocity * tan(steering angle)


Bram Stolk wrote:
> Well, if you want your L and R wheels to turn at different speeds, I 
> would go for:
> Hinge2 joint for each wheel, and for each pair, have axis1 coincide.
> Body for board
> Body for each wheel
> Cyl geom for each wheel
> Box geom for board (or alternatively, trimesh)
> It's an interesting simulation, as a skateboard steering has really 
> one degree of control by the rider.
> Lean left: front truck turns right, rear truck turns left
> Lean right: front truck turns left, rear truck turns right
> Fun project!!!!
>   Bram
> On 10/25/07, *Salik Syed* < ssyed at stanford.edu 
> <mailto:ssyed at stanford.edu>> wrote:
>     I'm trying to make a very "loose" approximation of a skateboard.
>     The problem is that I do not really want to model the complex linkage
>     between the trucks
>     and wheels because this causes my simulation to be too unstable.
>     So instead I'm just modelling it as a box with wheels that can only
>     rotate in the axles axis.
>     I want to use the car turning model to turn the robot:
>     so basically you have 3 simple formulas:
>     change in angle of board = velocity * tan(steering angle)
>     How can I use ODE to simulate a body that would operate under these
>     conditions.
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