[ODE] Optimizing ode for simple collision detection

pieter Mollemans pmolle at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:48:54 MST 2007


I'm trying to implement a verry fast collision detection between 2 
objects . The 2 objects can be moved around freely in a 3d environment. 
I managed to do this with ode but when i execute my example there is 
some delay  on the movement of the objects (especially if there is a 
collision). So I wondered if there are some ways to fasten the 
algorithm. I'm not intressted in where the collision took place or how 
many points collided, i just want to no if there is a collision or not.

i use the dcollide() function to detect a collision. The two objects are 
triangular meshes.

code i use for detecting the collision

    dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple(this->odetrimeshdata, (dReal*) 
this->odevertices, coordcount, this->odeindices, (nbnewtri*3));
    this->odegeomdata  = dCreateTriMesh(0, this->odetrimeshdata, 0, 0, 0);

    dGeomSetPosition (geom1, (float) matrix[3][0], (float) matrix[3][1], 
(float) matrix[3][2]);
    dGeomSetPosition (geom2, (float) matrix2[3][0], (float) 
matrix2[3][1], (float) matrix2[3][2]);
    dGeomSetRotation(geom1, bodyrot1);
    dGeomSetRotation(geom2, bodyrot2);
    dContactGeom contact[1];
     int numc = dCollide (geom1,geom2,1,&contact[0],sizeof(dContactGeom));

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