[ODE] how to stopbody enabling by joint

Krystian Ligenza kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Oct 22 12:28:09 MST 2007

Jon Watte (ODE) pisze:
> Krystian Ligenza wrote:
>> I have look more in mailing list archive, and see that this topic was 
>> many times discussed. Main problem is how to set that joint should 
>> only affect  one body and other  left  unforced.  Maybe we should 
>> think about adding flag for this, by adding dJointSetXXXParam with 
>> dParamAffectBoth, dParamAffectFirst, dParamAffectSecond? If joint can 
>> link with world, this should not be impossible to do - correct me if 
>> I'm wrong?
> Why wouldn't you just create the joint attached to the affected body 
> and the world (NULL), then? I do that for collisions in certain cases, 
> for example.
Becouse I want to move this link. Here is video showing what I want to do:


 Now it is done in a way I dont like it, becouse I need to have control 
on limits on that joint between platform and first rope part. I had 
solution that almost works good - I have make same joint like for rope 
between first rope element and platform. Then I pin platform using Fixed 
joint. Each change of position/rotation of platform i have call 
dJointSetFixed. But after each change platform goes down a litte 
(probably it was pulled by the rope bodies, and setting a ERP to 1.0 and 
CFM to 0.0001 didn't help). Do you have any other idea how to do this?

There is also showed error, when rope are stuck inside box. How to 
correct this?


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