[ODE] what are advantages of dAMotorUser?

Krystian Ligenza kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Oct 15 02:46:40 MST 2007

Hi again,

I see that topic of amotor joint is not the interesting one for you?
I need to tune some parts of my plugin, that uses physics. I have made a 
test case, a rope builded from capsule joined by universal joint. Here 
is a source code:


(it is based on demo_chain1 so to run it simply make a copy of oryginal 
file,override it, and build)
Demo work ok, but what I really need (not for the rope simulation, but 
in my plugin) is:
- to have that last third axis(twist axis) possible to use (so I need 
ball joint?)
- I need to have limits on all axis, but for twist they can be lower 
that Pi/2 (so I need also amotor, but use it in euler or user mode? Do 
they have similar results?)
- to have possibility to form shapes from this rope (by adding a torque 
or using dParamVel to joints? ), so I can make it to look like L,S or V
- make it close to stable

when I will finish, I can provide this as a demo for ODE, becouse I 
think it could help more then only me.


Krystian Ligenza pisze:
> Hi,
> I must correct way my ragdoll behave. In most for bone-joints Im using 
> universal joint, but there are few that have ball and amotor joint. As 
> for now Im using  dAMotorEuler and have strange jitering in a motion. 
> What are the advantages of using dAMotorUser?
> Thank you!
> Krystian
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