[ODE] 0.9-rc1

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Oct 7 17:48:31 MST 2007

The point is: you're not supposed to provoke ODE into the internal 
error. Recovery isn't "really" possible at that point. Instead, when you 
get an assert, you should figure out why that happened, and cure the 
cause at the root.


          / h+

Irrisor wrote:
> Hi, just want to give more background for the reason I'm posting about that 
> assert in dNormalize:
> Irrisor wrote:
>> The condition in dNormalize4 _can_ be false! E.g. when called from dxStepBody in
>> dxQuickStepper after SOR_LCP has computed NaN values for cforce.
> I have some apps running into this issue, and as I could not track it down to 
> contact generation or bug in the lcp solver I circumvent it by moving the body a 
> tiny little bit if NaN is the result. With an dAssert instead of instead of 
> dDebugMsg in dNormalize4 I cannot recover from that ODE internal error any more.

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