[ODE] 0.9-rc1

Irrisor irrisor at dev.java.net
Sat Oct 6 11:03:32 MST 2007

Oleh Derevenko wrote:
> As for measures - I'm also the adherent of hard measures. If validation 
> fails, you should fix your code, not remove validation.
I'm opposed to the policy to add asserts like in ODE, for the following reason: 
In unlikely situations these pieces of code might be reached (esp. the one in 
the normalize methods). It is not very nice if a user reaches such situations 
and the whole applications crashes as a result.
Printing warning, throwing exceptions (if they are used), returning/setting NaN 
are ok. Terminating the application is not, as it might happen outside the 
testing phase.

my 2 cents,

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