[ODE] moving a Object

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Thu Oct 4 10:09:17 MST 2007

> Hi,
> I try to move Objects or set a new Position to some of my 
> Physicobject. (dGeomSetPosition(po->geom[0], pos[0], pos[1], pos[2]);)
> It is also possible to move the Objects on the ground (x-z Plain). My 
> Problem is, when I try to move a Object against the gravity - it is 
> not possible.
> Can I enable gravity for only the Object I want to move. Or is there 
> any other  approach to move Object or set the position!

You can disable gravity on a per-object basis - see the docs for dBody. 
You may also want to try applying forces to your object to make it move 
instead of setting its position directly.


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