[ODE] using a different collision library

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Oct 1 17:04:03 MST 2007

Andreas Beckermann wrote:
> an internal header. Furthermore ODE defines a public C interface only, so 
> deriving from a class seems somewhat weird to me here :-)

If you are cutting out parts of the ODE interface, and replacing them 
with new code, then you may have to use internal headers.

If you are adding a new collider type, then you derive from dGeom.

If you are removing all ODE collision, and adding your own collision, 
then you should remove all the files that implement dGeom-anything, and 
implement your own instead. Use the dContact structure as the interface 
between your collision and the ODE simulator.

If you are taking out the simulator, but keeping ODE collision, then 
remove all the functions dealing with bodies, joints and worlds, and 
implement your own dGeomMoved() instead.

These are really quite straight-forward software engineering approaches, 
so perhaps the confusion is in what level of integration you want to do, 
and whether ODE supports that level using the "user" API or you need to 
go to the "internal" API.


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