[ODE] AMotor query

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Mon Nov 26 11:24:10 MST 2007

> Did you consider connecting them to the environment using fixed joints?
I believe that because the environment is static then the contact joints 
still won't be receiving any velocity information about the
non-dynamic body. In the end I've decided to patch ODE so that I can 
scale the forces/torques applied to either body by a paritcular joint. 
Currently I have a function:

dJointSetBodyForceScale( dJoint joint, dReal body1scale, dReal body2scale )

So when attaching a contact joint I can just set the scale to 0.0 for 
the body I wish to remain unchanged by the simulation. I'll probably 
extend this so that the forces and torques can be scaled independently.

If anybody is interested in this, or has any suggestions as to how it 
could be improved then let me know, and I'll submit a patch to Sourceforge.


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