[ODE] Newbie question about permeability forces.

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Mon Nov 26 01:34:01 MST 2007

Hello fellow ODE users,

     I am new to ODE and am designing a 3D app that will use ODE for physics but I have some questions that maybe you pros could help with.

    In short, the basic scenario that I need help with is what to do in the case of explosions.  
     When explosions occur, an expanding blast radius must exist that expands from the point of detonation.  I know how to create an expanding body/geom structure that could force objects outside of its blast radius but that is not entirely the desired effect.
     The desired effect is such that the shockwave needs to apply forces to neighboring objects as it expands but it should not be solid (i.e. objects could still exist within it's blast radius).  
     Therefore the blast radius needs to be soft, providing forces but not so hard that it forces every object completely outside of its blast radius.
     Any tips from you pros on how to handle this properly?

Thank you for your help,
Jeremy Roberts
A.S. Real Time Interactive Simulation 
[Video Game Computer Science]
DigiPen Institute of Technology

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