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Gazi Alankus alanic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 21:15:29 MST 2007

Did you consider connecting them to the environment using fixed joints?


On 21/11/2007, Mark Williams <mark at image-engine.com> wrote:
> Mark Williams wrote:
> >> Hi, I have an AMotor set up in 3-axis user mode with axes (1,0,0)
> >> (0,1,0)   (0,0,1) locked to the global frame. On all 3 axes, FMax is set
> >> to dInfinity, Vel is set to zero, and ERP is set to 1.0. This motor is
> >> then connected between a body and the static world. If I add any contact
> >> joints to the body, then I see a torque being applied and the body gains
> >> angular velocity. I was under the impression that motors 'look ahead'
> >> and so with the parameters I have set it should be almost impossible to
> >> rotate the body. Am I misunderstanding how motors are implemented?
> >>
> I'm still investigating this but haven't got very far. What I'm trying
> to do is create immovable geoms by adding an LMotor and an AMotor, both
> trying to bring the linear and angular velocities back to zero with
> whatever force is necessary. I know the "correct" way to create geoms
> that don't respond to collision is to not give them a body, but then if
> those geoms are animated in any way then the contact joints have no
> knowledge of their velocity, giving an incorrect response. Is there any
> other way I can get the velocity information across if the motor
> approach is not going to work?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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