[ODE] building 64bit ODE?

Troost S.Troost at student.TUDelft.NL
Fri Nov 23 08:23:39 MST 2007

Hi guys,

I have had this same problem and fixed it in the same way. I think it
would be a good idea to follow up on this and commit a patch for it?



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Tanguy Fautre pisze:
> Tanguy Fautre wrote:
>> Krystian Ligenza wrote:
>>> Tanguy Fautre pisze:
>>>> Krystian Ligenza wrote:
>>>>> I have tried to build a 64bit version of ODE, but get lots of 
>>>>> errors from opcode:
>>>>> error C4235: nonstandard extension used : '__asm' keyword not 
>>>>> supported on this architecture    \opcode\Ice\IceFPU.h    47
>> Ok, I've looked at the IceFPU.h file. Here is the faulty part:
>> [...]
> [...]
> I guess that an easy (and probably good) solution would be to remove 
> the Visual C++ versions (i.e. ifdef _MSC_VER) of all these functions. 
> [...]
OK, I have removed them (two files contain them: IceMemoryMacros.h and 
IceFPU.h) and builded succeeded with lots of warnings - should I fight 
with them, or live with them? Here is a build log:

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