[ODE] demo_crash

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 20 02:59:57 MST 2007

> For me neither. The problem lies in the new Sweep and Prune Space;
> revert it back to the previous (Hash Space) and it will work again.

Time to start posting build specs then because it works perfectly for me.

I built using VS2005 SP1, DebugDLL mode (tested opcode / single /
double, etc.) on the latest revision. I have no access to Linux (pfft,
the one thing I didn't test) so if someone could debug why GCC has a
problem with this code then that'd be great.

Looking at Bram's debug output, I'd love to know what the values of
"IndexPair.id0" and "ax0idx+1" are. As well as how many iterations
through the loop it went through (first time, or n interations really)

I don't agree with reverting back a perfectly good test case when
we're not in a build cycle - sweeping it under the carpet is only
going to come back and bite us later.


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