[ODE] svn:eol-style

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Mon Nov 19 11:09:08 MST 2007

> Well, I suppose that would affect all the repositories. But why could it be 
> a bad idea to have correct newlines for all the projects? 
I think it is always good to restrict the effect of what you do to the 
smallest set.

Maybe someone working somewhere has a strange manager who want to save 
SVN stuff in a given EOL format.
So you can't change the value of the SVN config on the client side (or 
user side). (This is not my case so thank Oleh for the info).

> Here we have problems with newlines because ODE is developed distributely 
> and some people develop on Windows and some on UNIX so they commit different 
> newlines to repository. 
This is why this subject surfaced. I think SVN can handle that and save 
the file in a given format on the server.
So someone on Windows will do a checkout and will have the EOL of his 
platform. Then doing a checking SVN will look at the EOL and convert to 
the one the developper with SVN access have decided.

What could happen when someone do a check out. The eol is \r\n. Then he 
edits the file and the eol becomes \n and he commits that.
When I check the status of  ODE I get a modified file. I do and update 
to find out that only the EOL has changed.

There is room for error here. (I could have missed an small but 
important update).

> If you develop some project locally in your 
> organization normally everybody works within the same operating system and 
> there is no problem with newlines at all.
You are wright but this can be different than what ODE is using !!!!

> As for setting properties for all the files it would be a solution if the 
> sile set would be constant. 
This is want is requested, a consistant eol.

If  you do
cd openode/ode/src
svn proplist *

Most of the files will have:
Properties on 'util.h'

But if you look at collision_trimesh_plane.cpp it is not set
and I have a EOL problem with this file.
 svn proplist collision_trimesh_plane.cpp
..... nothing returned ...

If you do
svn propget svn:eol-style util.h
native   (Which is the right answer).

> But since new files are added from time to time 
> it is naturally that the authors forget, do not know how to or just do not 
> want to bother themselves with setting properties.
I know that human are error prone but error can be corrected and after 
that you won't get any error. (Until the next error on the next svn add 
;-) )
I think it bother more to have EOL problem.

If you write somewhere how to do it (Maybe in the wiki) There is more 
chance that it will be done right.


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