[ODE] engineering applications

Adrian Boeing junk at adrianboeing.com
Mon Nov 19 00:58:27 MST 2007

Depends on your definition of "engineering solver", but in terms of open 
source "physics engines" which are designed more for non-gaming try:


But you will probably want something more like the non-free ADAMS:



Physics Abstraction Layer: http://pal.sourceforge.net/

David wrote:
> h+ wrote:
>> The first-order integrator and general game-ey-ness of ODE is a deep
>> design goal. ODE is not intended as an engineering solver -- in fact,
>> the overall method it uses for rigid body simulation (allowing
>> penetrations and then fixing them) wouldn't be the one used by any
>> "real" engineering simulator. Of course, "real" engineering simulators
>> cost lots of money, usually...
> Does anyone know of any open source or otherwise free physics
> libraries that would be applicable to engineering calculations?
> -David
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