[ODE] Wiki Spam

Martijn buijs512 at planet.nl
Sat Nov 17 09:32:34 MST 2007

Bram Stolk schreef:
> THanks ,
> I tried to access the Sourceforge Admin/Wiki page.
> However, it seems broken.
> Maybe the SF team is doing something with it?
> I will try every now and then, to see if I can get to the Admin section, 
> and disable the wiki.

I think the load fluctuates a lot on the Sourceforge servers. It is at 
times unresponsive or rather fast.

> Also, the wiki pages itself are extremely slow, and if I click on 
> 'recent changes' the spam does not show up.
> You were talking about the SF wiki, right? And not the old one?
>   Bram

Yes, the new one:


There are plenty pages right now that show spam, though a few have been 
rolled back in the past.


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