[ODE] Wiki Spam

Martijn buijs512 at planet.nl
Sat Nov 17 08:40:41 MST 2007

Many pages of the Wiki have been spammed. I strongly suggest we take 
action NOW. I have shut down at least two Wiki projects in the past, 
solely due to spam, and was forced to manually rebuild one of them from 

About 500 spam bots have registered by now, and they will probably 
become active one by one after a while. The problem is that there's no 
way to delete these accounts (a deliberate MediaWiki feature) without 
risking errors.
Spam quickly fills the database due to both the spam and the rollbacks, 
and makes it slower than it already is.

There are some third party anti-spam measures available for MediaWiki, I 
have tried many of them but honestly I doubt about their effectiveness. 
I suggest blocking un-registered edits, and installing a captcha for 
wiki account registration.
This is against the Wiki-spirit, but it seems to be the only way to 
prevent spam. I think there are to few regular wiki-editors to roll back 
spam-edits manually.

Who is the ODE wiki admin? I'm not a wiki expert, but perhaps I can 
assist keeping it in good shape.


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