[ODE] Quadtree space and dSpaceCollide2

Christian Muschick christian.muschick at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 04:37:46 MST 2007


> p.s. sorry if I come across badly in this message (and doubly so
> because I've completely skipped talking about your actual problem) 

Not at all. I've been following this list for quite some time now and 
know about those problems. But I confess I was a bit angry, as a simple 
assertion, inserted at the time the problem was first raised, would have 
saved me more time than I now required to write a fix.

> I wish you luck and hope you can fix this ancient space collision bug.

I appended a patch that hopefully fixes this issue. I didn't yet 
extensively test it and will do so over the next days. Please tell me 
what you think about it. Only sequential iteration is implemented for 
the time being.

I had to modify geom iteration in dSpaceCollide2 to use the 
getGeom()-mechanism, I hope this is ok?

> (and write a cylinder / cylinder collider too ;-) )

Maybe next time...

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