[ODE] Autotools update.

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Sat Nov 17 20:32:51 MST 2007

It works, I know, I wrote the original files ;).

However there are lots of hacks, some necessary (IE: the libfast helper 
and a lot more unnecessary (the soname configure flag, the hardcoded 
-fPIC and -shared flags,
pollution of LIBS and CFLAGS and relatives enviroment variables, and 
some others), the unnecessary ones
are the ones I want to prune.

definitely No CMake, we have Premake and Premake's Author on our team ;)


James Frye wrote:
> ode-bounces at ode.org wrote on 11/16/2007 03:50:41 PM:
>> Don't worry I wont :)
>> In fact I've been picking some tricks from other packages,
>> and let me tell you, I am not so proud of the mess I wrote for ODE
> anymore.
>> The issue I just fixed would prevent anyone from getting
> past ./configure,
>> so I was wondering if its being used.
> I just downloaded the 0.9 release this week.  It configured just fine on my
> system,
> and the several demos I tried worked ok.  The only problem is that there
> doesn't seem
> to be a way to get the documentation in readable form - it's all HTML.
> I can't really tell you how I feel about CMake on a G-rated list.  Just
> mark me down
> in the "please don't" column.
> James
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