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Oleh Derevenko oder at eleks.lviv.ua
Fri Nov 16 18:57:36 MST 2007

Well, I suppose that would affect all the repositories. But why could it be 
a bad idea to have correct newlines for all the projects? Why could you need 
to have incorrect ones at all?
Here we have problems with newlines because ODE is developed distributely 
and some people develop on Windows and some on UNIX so they commit different 
newlines to repository. If you develop some project locally in your 
organization normally everybody works within the same operating system and 
there is no problem with newlines at all.
As for setting properties for all the files it would be a solution if the 
sile set would be constant. But since new files are added from time to time 
it is naturally that the authors forget, do not know how to or just do not 
want to bother themselves with setting properties.

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>> Every user is a position to modify his personal profile. Unless you are 
>> not
>> logged on as "Guest" of course.
> If I set my personal autoprops won't that also affect the other SVN
> repositories I work on, not just ODE? Can't we just get the properties
> in ODE's SVN set consistently? :(
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