[ODE] terrain again

Martijn buijs512 at planet.nl
Fri Nov 16 09:48:51 MST 2007

 > Martin:
> What program could I use to create tri mesh terrain that can be loaded into
> ODE please? Or what is the best and easiest way to import terrain please?

It all depends on what the requirements are. If there is no need for 
holes, caves, overhangs or very tiny features, the dHeightfield geom 
will probably suit your needs. Otherwise, any tool that handles triangle 
soup geometry may be used.

> David Walters:
> There aren't really any ODE specific restrictions on heightfield
> terrains, other than the length and breadth must be a power of two.

That limitation was removed in my original dHeightfield contribution, it 
should no longer apply. Or has it been rolled back/re-introduced since?

I have seen a few questions on the list from posters oblivious to the 
existence of the dHeightfield collider. Documentation seems to be 
missing on the wiki and elsewhere. I now have the time to work on 
documentation, I will start by adding the readme notes to the Wiki. 
Though I will ask someone to verify it (at some point). I haven't used 
ODE actively in a long while so am not aware of significant changes 
(besides the rotation and performance enhancements) to dHeightfield.



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