[ODE] terrain again

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 16 09:04:48 MST 2007

> Thanks for your reply. Do you know about some examples from where I
> could see how the interface for retrieving highfield data from object
> was implemented please?
> I cannot find anything on the net, maybe I am looking on wrong places :-(

For my engine where the terrain was built as a mesh I had to write a
tool to extract the height data. It wasn't very advanced and basically
just took the mesh and for each vertex worked out it's position on a
grid I computed. The Y component was then the height and that got
copied into the correct element on an array I'd allocated.

What you're asking me isn't related to ODE and I don't think I can
really help you - your best bet is to check out somewhere like
www.gamedev.net and search / ask for information on heightfields. The
important thing to keep in mind that there's nothing really special
about ODE's heightfields - it's just a collision function like you'd
write if you were creating a tool chain for some other engine.

Good luck,

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