[ODE] terrain again

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 15 13:43:33 MST 2007

> I am trying to use some terrain in ode. I was trying to modify example code
> where there is rabbit trimesh but as soon as I am try to change values there
> by the values I got I complains about some normalisation. I used milkshape
> to create the terrain and then I exported it as a direct x file. Then I
> copied mesh data and substitued to original rabbit mesh but it does not
> work.

Hi, the rabbit in "demo_heightfield" is there to demonstrate a mesh
object falling onto the terrain - it has nothing to do with the
terrain itself and can be safely removed from the demo without
affecting the core operation. The terrain itself is created using a
callback function.

> What program could I use to create tri mesh terrain that can be loaded into
> ODE please? Or what is the best and easiest way to import terrain please?

There aren't really any ODE specific restrictions on heightfield
terrains, other than the length and breadth must be a power of two. If
you do some research on simple terrains you will find that often the
height data is encoded into a greyscale bitmap.

You'll need to write an interface tool to massage the data into one of
the forms supported by ODE.

David Walters

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