[ODE] Deprecated Files

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 15 03:35:25 MST 2007

Hi, there are three deprecated source files in the ODE/src folder. I
was wondering if we could actually delete them from future revisions
(or as a compromise, move them to contrib)

The files are:


In here are some old colliders like capsule/capsule, ray/box and
capsule/box (which is explicitly documented as not working).

and "ode/src/stack.{cpp,h}"

Which appears to be intended as a stack allocator, but since I've been
following this project for at least a couple of years now I've never
heard it mentioned!

So, this is just a housekeeping request really - it will help with
people making their own project files by dragging in all files from a
folder. Seems like a good idea to only keep code that's actually used
by ODE in the official source releases - which makes the project look
(incrementally) more professional :-)


ps. I'm wondering if we should start gearing up for a new release
soon? - there have been a few nice new features added lately that have
polished things up nicely.

pps. Pre-emptively casting my vote for calling it 1.0, not 0.10.0   ;-)

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