[ODE] [ opende-Patches-1335198 ] Sweep and Prune Space

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Tue Nov 13 15:34:00 MST 2007

David Walters wrote:
> Well, although it wasn't a straight job of importing a patch, the work
> I have done on this is just to make it comply with ODE's requirements
> for spaces and a few optimisations - the core work should be credited
> to Aras Pranckevicius for the submission and Pierre Terdiman for the
> radix sort function.
> I roughly understand what it's doing but not to the extent that I
> could write any meaningful documention. I know the gist is to pick an
> axis order such that your 'up' is last, so XZY typically - but I have
> no idea why!

After a bit of reading, my best guess would be that if the up axis were 
first then simulations where objects come to rest on the ground would be 
some kind of worst-case scenario?

Thanks once again,


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