[ODE] New patches: 2 new joints and some optmization

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Sat Nov 10 21:36:41 MST 2007

Hi David,

>> Remi Ricard wrote:
>>> The first joint is a Piston. It is a joint similar to the slider but the
>>> 2 bodies are free to rotate around the sliding axis.
> I've added this to SVN #1305, 

Thanks for integrating this patch and all the others.  ;-)

> the other joint PU is very new (8th Nov)
> so I'll not add that one until it's had some time for review.

There was 2 persons who requested the patch off the list but I did not 
get any feedback from them.

Since I not sure we still use this joint in our simulator it might be 
better to wait.

By the way, I create simple unit test for my JointPR and JointPiston.

The unit testing facility used is UnitTest++ since CPPTestHarness seems 
to be orphan and the link to the page does not work anymore.

I will submit a patch for this next week if all goes well.


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