[ODE] Interact with a Object

Eike Decker eike at cube3d.de
Sat Nov 10 05:43:40 MST 2007

Change the code about your drag & drop code to use addforce in order to change
the object's coordinates. It will then have all the information it needs to
calculate the velocity. But be aware that this will make your object movement
like a rubber band, which means that interaction is less direct. You could also
try to set the velocity of the body when changing it's position, but I read that
this might create instabilities in your simulation. Calculating the velocity can
be done by dividing the difference vector of the movement by the time, if I
haven't overlooked something.


> Hi, sorry same question!
> when I try to drag my Object with the mouse, it works. But when I
> release the Button the Object straight falls to the ground. Also when I
> disable Gravity and I try to gave an Object a direction, by drag it
> with the mouse -> when I release the Button the Object stops.
> How can I solve this, do I have to calculate the LinearVel or Force? I
> thought ODE is calculate that stuff automatically.
> Cheers
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