[ODE] GIMPACT / double precision

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Fri Nov 2 14:02:39 MST 2007

Hi Mark,

>> Hi,
>>> Hi, GIMPACT is not currently supported when building ODE in double 
>>> precision - does anybody know what might be involved in getting it 
>>> working? I'm more interested in getting ODE working with extra 
>>> precision and wouldn't be too bothered if GIMPACT was operating in 
>>> floating point.
>> What I did is to leave gimpact in float and use ODE in double and 
>> write maybe 4 functions used as proxy that will do the conversion 
>> between gimpact and ODE.
> Great, thanks! Is this something you're able to submit as a patch, please?
I will have to check if this is really working since usually I'm using 

If it is really working I will submit a patch next week since I already 
need to submit change to previous patch.


P.S. I could be easier for me if my patch were included in the trunk.

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