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Ruben Gerlach ruben-gerlach at web.de
Thu Nov 1 12:41:06 MST 2007

Hey everyone,

I just subscribed to the mailing list, hope this will give some new input :)
I use Ogre and the ode wrapper OgreOde for a 3rd person beat 'em up (no beating yet ;)) I've read a lot about lag compensation, client prediction, dead reckoning, cubic splines etc. in the last days, but still I have no clue how to synchronize my ode scene over the network. I face the following problems: 

-How to predict behavior of specific objects, e.g. if i know my object was at a given position at a given time I should move it forward regarding the velocity and the passed time so that its synchronized with the server, but what to do if it collides on that way? In general, should I try to have exact the same scene on client and server using prediction or should I accept a time gap on the clients side, making things easier to handle but maybe worse looking/reacting to the player.?

-How to move the clients player on server and client in sync, so that they do not end up on different positions (thats what happens now due to differences in the scene)? If I send the absolute position of the player to the server, not a "now moving forward" signal, I will have different moving simulation of the players on client and server apps, ending up in totally different behavior of e.g. boxes that cross the players way, besides this would allow no-clipping cheats, etc.

- Should I simulate the scene with ode on the client side or just use target positions sent by the server? If so, how to realize client movement?

I would be interested in any experiences in this field, even if not matching my problems.

Best regards,

PS: I'm from Berlin, Germany, so please excuse any language barriers.
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