[ODE] ODE on PS3/Cell

Josh Knight oldunclejosh at gmail.com
Sat May 26 15:03:11 MST 2007

Erwin Coumans wrote:

> Hi,
> I ported and optimized the collision detection part of Bullet Physics
> library to PS3 SPUs. This cooperates with ODE quickstep solver, which is
> being ported at the moment. This will be available to licensed Playstation 3
> developers through the usual support channels. There are some developers who
> optimized and ported their own derived version of ODE, but those ports are
> typically not available.
> If there is enough interest, I might release a PS3 Linux version, using IBM
> libspe2.

I for one would be interested.  I would also be interested
in your insights on "porting" code (ODE and other Physics
code) to take advantage the PS3/Cell architecture.


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