[ODE] Doxygen: not complete

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Fri May 25 09:56:33 MST 2007


I was looking at the doxygen API:
http://opende.sourceforge.net/docs/ (From the link on the wiki) and 
there was lots of function descriptions missing.

Ex: bool IntersectCapsuleTri even if there is Doxygen tag for this 
function in the file collision_trimesh_internal.h.

Then I looked at the Doxyfile and found that the documentation is 
generated for file in ../../include/ode

I though the doxygen API was for developper !!

If this is the case then all functions should be there and not only the 
"public" function and the directory ../../src/ode should be added.

I don't know if I'm confused or not !!!


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