[ODE] world update - best practices?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu May 24 15:18:52 MST 2007

That depends on what your stability goals are.

Also, the dWorldStep integrator uses no iterations, if that's what you 
want (note: AFAICT they are iterations in the over-relaxation solver, 
not sub-steps).


			/ h+

Greg Mayer wrote:
> from what I read, the default is 20.
> This seems to be an awfully high number of sub-iterations for a system 
> that is already being passed a small, constant time-step?
> In shipped-video games with driving simulations that I have worked on 
> (for consoles like Playstation2 and XBOX (first one)) the entire world 
> simulation was done with 16ms time steps - and no substeps within the 16ms.

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