[ODE] GIMPACT on amd64?

Daniel Coming D at DanielComing.com
Thu May 24 05:54:33 MST 2007

Hi Filip,

The issue lies in the hard coded
#define GUINT_BIT_COUNT 32
among other defined constants relying on 32-bit, along with
#define GINT long
#define GUINT unsigned long
Now, if you watch the configure script carefully, on your 64-bit machine
you'll notice
checking size of long int... 8
On a 32-bit machine, both int and long were 32 bit, however newer gcc
versions are
giving longs 64 bits. So, the quick fix is to change these two longs to
#define GINT int
#define GUINT unsigned int

GImpact still needs to update to 64 bit double precision, but for now, this
should run.


On 11/28/06, Filip Joelsson
<filip at ...<http://www.nabble.com/user/SendEmail.jtp?type=post&post=7638041&i=0>>
> I'm trying out opende, and I get stuck on every test case that includes
> a 3d-mesh. As soon as a 3d-mesh is processed by QuickStep I get a
> segfault in the COMPUTEAABB_FOR_TRIANGLE macro (defined in
> gim_geometry.h) as called from gim_trimesh_update_aabbset
> (gim_trimesh.cpp).
> Stepping through the code with gdb yields two potential error sources:
> There is a triangle_indices variable which is a (long unsigned int*),
> and gdb claims that the value of a vertex ptr (v3) has been optimized
> out.

> Has anyone gotten *GIMPACT* to work with amd64? Or is it that I use
> gcc-4.1.1 - and it is overdoing the optimization? I don't have any
> special CFLAGS set, and I compile with debug enabled. The version is
> current svn.
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