[ODE] Realistic friction based on material.

Jose Marin jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br
Fri May 18 08:56:12 MST 2007


I would like to achieve a more "realistic" moviment of bodies, for example, a metal ball will roll faster in a stone ground than on a sand ground.

I would like that the interation between objects is based on their materials, not on a fixed value for all.

I think that I must check the material of each object evolved on the collision, and set the value of surface.mu, on the nearCallback function, right?

Is there any table with friction constants for most common materials?

And havint that, how I set the correct resulting value for surface.mu? Multiply? Sum?

Also, the way of the materials behavior deppends of their material.

For example, if a metal ball falls on a stone ground, probably ti won't jump back, but if the ball is made of, say, plastic, it will jump several times.

How I set this behavior?
Thanks for any tip!


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