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Bullet and ODE are both open source, so you can benefit from both. 

Bullet collision detection is better then what is in ODE (OPCODE etc),
but ODE quickstep is a more mature constraint solver. They can be combined.
Work is on its way (albeit slowly) to bring in good parts of Bullet into 

You can tell your programmer to consider discussing any issues with ODE 
and/or Bullet on
the Bullet physics forum, http://bulletphysics.com
This Bullet physics forum is more technical and for physics developers, 
rather then physics users. 

Hope this helps,

Patrick Enoch writes: 

> Hi, 
> go for the latest ODE release. Lots of fixes (including joint-code)  
> has happened since 0.5. 
> Feel free to discuss your problems on this list. Virtually any setup  
> has been done by someone on this list, so expect constructive feedback. 
> As a first hint, make sure to play with the erp and cfm. 
> Patrick 
> On 17. May 2007, at 11:31 Uhr, Enrico Zschemisch wrote: 
>> Hi, 
>> we are currently searching for a physics engine and want to choose  
>> now between Bullet and ODE. Unfortunately one of our programmers  
>> has experienced problems when applying constraints to joints, there  
>> were instabilities. This was with version 0.5, so I am eager to  
>> know if this has changed with the current version? 
>> Thanks, Enrico
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